Actualizado: 17 ene 2019

As the year comes to an end, we would like to share with you all the Top Ten Fútbol Ace Podcast episodes of 2018 in both English and Spanish. This ranking is based on the number of listens the episode received during the 2018 year. Enjoy!


10. T1E17: NWSL y entrevista exclusiva con Estefanía Banini

9. T2E2: Resumen Premundial, Conversación con Gloriana Villalobos, e informe de la Liga de Costa Rica por Just Soccer CR:

8. S2E7: Marketing with Xavi Bové and Conversation with Gaby Guillen from Saprissa and the Costa Rican National Team:

7. S2E4: Conversation with Lauryn Hutchinson from Trinidad and Tobago. WWC: Argentina versus Panama:

6. T2E3: Repechaje ARGvPAN y Liga MX Femenil:

5. T1E20: Carrera de los cupos en los playoffs del NWSL y Entrevista completa con Raquel Rodríguez:

4. T1E22: Conversación con Natalia Gómez Junco jugadora del Málaga:

3. T1E23: Conversación con Marta Cox jugadora de la Selección de Panamá y Premios "The Best" con Alejandra Blasco:

2. T2E5: Marketing con Xavi Bové y Fútbol Femenino 507 con Sumara Samuels:

1. S2E1: Chat with Chinyelu Asher (Jamaica) and Gabby Carle (Canada):


2018 was a great year for all of us here at Fútbol Ace. As the year is coming to a close, we would like to invite everyone to become one of Patreon so we can continue providing you with the best content all throughout the Concacaf Region!