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S2E17: ConcacafW April

On this episode, we discuss and analyze the progress of the WWC teams who will be representing ConcacafW in France in June with Charles Olney. On the USWNT's side, we examined their performance versus Australia, who play a very similar transition-based football, and Belgium. On the Canadian side, we discussed their phenomenal match versus England and the very experimental match versus Nigeria. On the Reggae side, we reflect and analyze their performance in their first ever transcontinental friendly versus Banyana Banyana.

Aside from World Cup-bound teams, we discussed the Mexican's performance versus the Netherlands and the excellent opportunity to have such quality frendies in a rebuilding period, especially for the younger players. We also touch on Costa Rica's and Panama's weekly camps and their realities.

Next round of ConcacafW region friendlies, the United States will face South Africa on May 12, New Zealand on May 16, and their World Cup "send-off" match will be against Mexico on May 26. Canada will face Mexico on May 18 for their World Cup "send-off" match at home. Jamaica will face Panama on May 19 for their World Cup "send-off" match at home, and then later on May 28, will play Scotland.

For more information on the next round of friendlies, stay tuned for our May Friendlies ConcacafW series, where we will showcase all activities within the ConcacafW Region. You can also subscribe to our mailing list to receive the edition vía email.


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