S2E15: ConcacafW Feb./Mar. with Charles Olney

On this episode, we discuss and analyze the progress of the WWC teams who will be representing ConcacafW in France in June. On the USWNT's side, we reflect and analyze their performance during the SheBelieves Cup. On the Canadian side, we speak about their shutout performance during the Algarve Cup. On the Jamaican side, we reflect and analyze their performance versus their two Chilean friendlies and touch on the performance on players who received their first cap.

Aside from World Cup-bound teams, we discussed the Mexican's performance during the Cyprus Cup and what is to be expected from them during Panamerican games where they will join Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Panama. We also briefly speak about the rise of Belize and their most recent friendly.

On a more general note, we discuss the reoccurring theme on Concacaf teams being "winger dependent" and the lack of building through the middle spaces.

Next round of ConcacafW region friendlies, the United States is going to face Australia April 4th and Belgium April 7th. Canada will face England on April 5th. Jamaica will face South Africa on April 7th. To conclude, Mexico will face the Netherlands on April 5th. All other countries are yet to be determined, stay tuned for future developments during our next month's ConcacafW edition.