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S2E11: ConcacafW January WWC Prep Wrap Up with Charles Olney

On this episode, we discuss and analyze the progress of the WWC teams who will be representing ConcacafW in France in June. On the USWNT's side, we reflect and analyze both friendlies versus France and Spain and compare their respective systems and upbringings (i.e., how strategically thinking France is football-wise, and the post-Iberdrola impact has had on Spain). On the Canadian side, we speak about how important it was the first win of the year with Norway, considering Norway's history in Women's Football. We also discuss how young Canada's roster is and what went into building that during the John Herdman era. On the Jamaican side, we reflect on the new face during Reggae Girlz January camp (i.e., some of the U-20s and just new faces overall). We also discuss the importance of chemistry of the team and their potential at the WWC in June.


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